Pixie Dust Hang Over
This is my new favorite shirt. Ever.

This is my new favorite shirt. Ever.


Anime North 2012
Part 2 of 4

It’s me and some other cool people! I didn’t get the chance to meet Dirk or Gamzee (besides chasing Gamzee around a field) but Equius was pretty awesome!

Me at anime north, hooray!

Me at anime north, hooray!

Wow, past me was kind of a downer. :/

Hello Citizens of the Interwebs

I have made a tumblr type thing. I give you permission to bask in it’s glory. Go on, bask! Bask I say!






Okay, stop.

So anyhoo, this is my tumblr page, there’s nothing particularly wonderful about it at the time but just wait! That may change in the near future. Or not. Yeah I’d say not so don’t get your hopes up or anything. My background is brown and reminds me of chocolate so yeah, there’s that. Maybe I’ll change it to something a bit more festive, maybe bright magenta, the kind that sears your retinas and makes you wish you never had eyes.